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Newport Ventures provides top quality energy code training and support services that are designed for both code officials and construction trades. Our courses provide high-level, engaging content on a variety of topics. Newport has proven success with over 200 training sessions developed and delivered to building code officials, builders, remodelers, design professionals, and real estate professionals.

We have assembled a team of well respected, industry leading experts to offer building professionals the opportunity to learn from the best!

Our trainings help participants understand:

  • The current Energy Code
  • The upcoming code changes
  • The "why" behind the code and basic building science
  • Best practices and success stories from industry leaders
  • Technical requirements for both residential and commercial buildings

Contact us today to learn more about our energy code training.


energy star partnerWe confirm that your home performs efficiently with the help of diagnostic equipment, including a blower door test to evaluate the leakiness of the home envelope and a duct blaster to test to gauge the leakiness of the duct system. We also use infrared cameras to ‘see’ what is behind the walls and pinpoint areas where heat and cold are escaping, so they can be sealed and properly insulated.

Newport Ventures also evaluates home plans and construction practices to pinpoint the specific, cost effective improvements need to qualify your home to meet Energy Star, LEED, Zero Energy Ready Homes and other home rating programs.


One of the home performance energy efficiency tests is called a blower door test. This test is used to measure a home’s air leakage by mounting a fan into the frame of an exterior door, then measuring the airflow with a manometer that is connected to the fan. Newport Ventures offers blower door testing services to homeowners, builders, and housing professionals. Schedule yours today.

arrowLearn more on Air Leakage and Blower Door Testing

arrowBlower Door Testing and Sealing the Building Envelope (PDF)


Newport Ventures’ market research and analysis capabilities enable our clients to make informed decisions, develop strategic solutions to issues they are facing, identify market needs, develop and effectively promote new products and programs, and much more. Every research project is custom designed in cooperation with the client and includes a balance of quantitative and qualitative methods for accuracy and depth of findings.


Our facilitators work closely with clients to set meeting objectives and ensure that everything from the development of the agenda to the takeaways are structured and captured to result in success. Newport facilitators create a safe, positive and productive environment to maximize information and idea exchange among stakeholders. Our capabilities include multi-day meetings, design charrettes, and technology road mapping.


By synthesizing stakeholder input, facilitating consensus, and providing industry insight, Newport Ventures assists its clients in defining their vision and objectives. This framework is then used to develop practical strategic plans for implementation of clients’ management, communications and marketing programs.


Newport Ventures has established relationships with national organizations and their local chapters as well as press and trade journals that serve to leverage dissemination of information and publicity. We develop and implement comprehensive strategies that effectively reach target audiences to communicate our client's message. Our skills include the development of multimedia content and artwork for marketing materials, press releases, presentations and websites.

training workshopsTECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (Education, Training Workshops, Publications)

Through multimedia training programs, workshops and publications, Newport Ventures is able to effectively educate professionals as well as consumers on interfacing with new technology. Want to introduce a new technology to the residential industry? Newport Ventures is writing the book on that too. Read more under Path Tech Transfer on our Projects page.


Need real world performance data? Newport Ventures can develop and implement long or short term turn-key and in-situ research projects. Projects are tailored to meet target market and design objectives of the client. From experimental design to data acquisition system development and deployment to recommendations for redesign to final reporting, Newport Ventures can manage your technical services needs.



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