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NYSERDA - Energy, Innovation, Solutions

As part of the NYSERDA and the NYS Department of State effort to provide support to building professionals on the Energy Conservation Construction Code of NYS 2010 (ECCCNYS 2010), Newport Ventures and partner, T. Y. Lin International are providing Energy Code Hotline and Plan Review services. Both services are available to code officials as well as builders, trade contractors, design professionals, and NYS residents who have questions about the code.

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Energy Code Hotline
Get your energy question answered fast! Call (518) 377-9410 or email

Free Plan Review Services for the ECCCNYS 2010
Contact Margo Thompson at (518) 377-9410, or
Scott Copp at (585) 512-2000,

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Energy Star RaterNewport Ventures now offers Energy Star and Builders Challenge third-party verification testing services. These services entail a series of visual and diagnostic tests to ensure the home is energy efficient and meets the program’s respective quality criteria. The tests include an inspection of insulation installation, blower door test to evaluate the leakiness of the home’s envelope, and a duct blaster test to gauge the leakiness of the duct system by a trained and certified professional.

Our professional third-party verification services complement our home evaluation services. Newport evaluates home plans and construction practices to pinpoint specific cost effective improvements needed to qualify your home to meet Energy Star, LEED, Builders Challenge or other home rating programs.

Contact us to see how we can improve your home’s efficiency and reduce utility bills.

Builders Challenge Third-Party Verifier



March 25th, 2014 - Newport recently conducted the first of a series of subject matter expert (SMEs) meetings to identify important criteria, tools, and resources to be included in an Innovative Building Technology Guide being developed for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The meeting, which focused on the feasibility section of the guide, was held in Rochester, NY in conjunction with the Finger Lakes Building Officials Conference.  In attendance were members of the Newport staff as well as code experts from various parts of the country. 

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Commercial Radiant Slab CoolingIn collaboration with personnel from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Newport authored an article on commercial radiant slab cooling that was featured in the ASHRAE Journal (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers). The article describes the building energy simulations and control strategies that supported Wal-Mart’s decision to deploy radiant slab cooling for increased energy efficiency in one of their buildings in a hot, dry climate. The project specified Viega’s ClimateMat as a modular, pre-configured network of radiant tubing to reduce installation time and costs.

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Fastening Systems for Continuous InsulationNewport Ventures authors a report released by NYSERDA that addresses the need to increase the homebuilding industry’s knowledge and experience in building cost-effective, energy efficient homes. The NYSERDA program established a goal for participating homes to meet the challenging energy efficiency benchmark of performing at least 60 percent better than homes built to the 2004 international energy conservation code (IECC).

arrow Download the report (PDF, 6MB).

Newport Ventures is a small, woman-owned research and consulting firm with expertise in the housing industry. Our greatest strengths include creativity and the ability to partner with the best in the industry to provide technical and marketing services, field and market research, and program management for our public and private sector clients.

Newport PartnersNewport Ventures is a sister company to Newport Partners located in Davidsonville, Maryland. As the Maryland business grew, we decided to expand into New York rather than just expanding within Maryland. Venture’s New York location works well both as an independent office, and as an office working in partnership with the Maryland office.

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