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NYSERDA Energy Code Training

Newport, on behalf of NYSERDA provides energy code training on various topics across the state. All of our courses offer 3 hours of continuing education and learning units from the Department of State as well as credits from the American Institute of Architects. Each class is approximately 4 hours in length. 

Our Energy Code Enforcement Training supports the NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities program (see below). These are full day classes (4 hours residential and 4 hours commercial). Each portion of the class carries 4 CEUs for a total of 8 in service hours. To be eligible for the points associated with the Clean Energy Communities program, both portions of the class must be completed.  

    "Thank you for traveling to the Rochester area to present this information and training.  I greatly appreciated your knowledge, your teaching style, and the information you gave us. I know a simple thanks can’t replace valuable family time, but in a feeble attempt to try and ease some of the mental struggles we all face of family time vs monetary gains, your class made a big difference to me and helped answer a lot of lingering questions. Thank you again. You did a great job."

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