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Home Performance Testing and Plan Review

Services offered:

  • Blower door testing--We come to your site and conduct testing. We also offer help in getting your building to pass/comply.

  • Duct testing--Our energy professionals will visit your site and conduct testing. Need help? We're here.

  • ENERGY STAR testing, verification, and certification services--We work with you to meet Energy Star requirements, including Portfolio Manager

  • Energy code plan reviews--Make sure your plans meet commercial/residential/stretch code requirements. Pinpoint specific, cost-effective improvements, and identify the steps you need to take to meet Energy Star, LEED, DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home,  and other rating programs.

CRBRA GBSG Blower Door at Michaels Group
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Newport performed testing and verification services for Under the Sun Building and Remodeling on their Zero Energy Easton Carriage House project. Check out their blog and read about the whole building process!

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