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Save energy, grow your business, and get the training you need now.

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Newport Ventures is a team of engaged and knowledgeable building scientists, engineers, consultants, and analysts. Since we opened our doors in 2002, Newport has worked with hundreds of clients from the public and private sectors to save energy, promote sustainability, and make buildings better.

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Residential Building
Light Bulbs

“Sustainability principles--in design and construction, in how we conduct business, in the way we approach our work--always guide our work.”

-- Liza Bowles, President, Newport Ventures

200 +

50 +

1,200 +


Energy & building research projects

Public & private sector clients served

Energy code classes delivered

Builders, trades, code officials we trained


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22 Jay Street

Schenectady, New York 12305



We are always looking for talented engineers, energy professionals, CEMs, HERS raters, and building scientists. Please send us a note and your resume:

-Small firm.  Big work.

-Nimble.  Expertise is always evolving.

-Always learning.

-Informal, comfortable working environment.

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